What Others Are Saying

This is what others are saying about the Why Leaders Fail. Get your copy and join in on the conversation!

“You were designed to overcome your challenges and live a life displaying God’s Greatness to the world around you! ‘Why Leaders Fail’ is carefully designed to offer important questions that will ignite fortified faith in every believer who reads it. Ronald Godbee has captured the true essence of God’s character when leaders fail, and the power of redeeming love that connects us to His heart. With careful exploration into biblical stories; vast knowledge and practical steps, this book will equip you to unveil your past struggles and difficulties and prepare you for the life of effective leadership you have been praying for! We highly recommend this book.” -Bob & Audrey Meisner; Bestselling Authors, Marriage Under Cover and TV Hosts, My New Day

“Pastor Ronald Godbee has reduced to writing the keys that every leader in the Kingdom of God needs to avoid the inevitability of a certain fall from grace when leaders don’t adhere to the precepts and concepts laid out in the word of God. If you haven’t ascended to your anointed place, it will propel you. If you have reached your anointed place it will sustain you. And if you’ve fallen from your anointed place it will help redeem you! Godly wisdom beyond his years, Pastor Ronald has given a gift to the Kingdom.” Ralph L. Godbee, Jr.; Former Detroit Police Chief and Current Senior Pastor of Inner Court Christian Center

“The spiritual and revelatory insight that Pastor Godbee provides in this text is undoubtedly transformative. This book is applicable to both my natural and spiritual development as a leader. Interestingly enough, this book possesses the knowledge that can easily translate into every church pulpit, and to the boardrooms of the most prominent Fortune 500 companies. Every leader could benefit from reading the taboo topics that Pastor Godbee handled with such care and skill. If you are looking for truth, and if you are looking for elucidation and revelation from the lives of the most familiar bible leaders, it is in your best interest to pick up this text. You won’t be disappointed! Treat yourself, and treat your destiny.” -Gene Hoskins

“This power-packed book is simply a masterpiece that seeks to challenge the paradigm of every reader through analyzing accounts of spiritual giants. In a society that profits on the downfall of great leaders, Pastor and Author Ronald Godbee desires for leaders to confront and overcome past failures in order to fulfill their destined, successful future. The potency of this written work will, without a doubt, create a personal strategy of awareness, acceptance, and action to be taken in each leader’s life. As I read this book, Ronald Godbee encourages, inspires, and gives permission for the leader within me to rise up. I assure you, it will do the same for you! I highly recommend this book. The successful leader within you is waiting!” -Antonio Santoro

“Pastor Godbee masterfully brings to light the journey of the fallen leader through the lens of biblical characters. While the book’s focus is on the leader, Pastor Godbee provides useful strategies to both the leader and follower. This book provides a clear and concise road map to God’s purpose for those faced with failure and uncertainty.” -Valarie Clark Worthy

“Kudos to Ronald L. Godbee!! This book is the perfect guideline to becoming a great and effective leader,…even WITH FLAWS. Why Leaders Fail gives you the opportunity to honestly look yourself in the mirror and ask, “Am I a great leader?” OR “What made me handle a situation or a person that way?” There is no way one can read this book and not gain anything from it. Add this book to your collection. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.” -Aisha Stocks

“This book speaks VOLUME!!!!! As you read this book and move through the pages you will find out and realize that leaders do make mistakes and FAIL, but they can cross-pollenate the FAILURES to SUCCESS if they are honest and truthful to themselves. I recommend ……. no better yet I challenge EVERYONE to get this book!!! Read It; Study It; Digest It; and learn the patterns presented and spoken through the pages that will keep you and re-ground you on how to handle failures, so you will be able to handled SUCCESS!!!!! I’m looking forward for more future release of wisdom and knowledge from this author.” -Lonnette Rhone

“This book is short but overflowing with wisdom and revelation. Pastor Godbee shares from experience and from Biblical perspective the things that cause leaders to fail, and the attitudes that keep leaders down. I personally love Biblical stories/history and the fresh perspective offered in the book is enough to make you think and rethink the subject matter. This book is not just for leaders but for all. Anyone who has experienced failure will benefit from this book.” -Beck Nieto